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Adventures on the SS Shopping Cart

Ahoy mates!

It’s Captain Pepto and Captain Peri here! We want to tell you of a great adventure we had at our local grocery store. We commanded the SS Shopping Cart through the store in search of delicious, healthy treasures. We were quite successful in the beginning, quickly coming across emerald-green zucchinis and ruby-red apples. We continued the journey in the “Produce Pond,” where we found blueberries, shining like precious gems! And then we spotted the gold! Yes, golden-yellow bananas, ripe, delicious, and ready to eat! But as we were making our way there, our first mate, Kid Kidney, yelled, “Iceberg, dead ahead!” We immediately had to put on the breaks, to avoid a nasty crash. Your two fearless leaders paused to locate the iceberg, but saw nothing. We asked our first mate what iceberg he spoke of, and he laughed to himself and reached for some iceberg lettuce! So once our first mate attained his treasure, we continued our course toward the bananas, sitting on the shelf like bars of gold. Then we headed to the checkout so we could pay and feast on our delicious treats. And feast we did!

So the Pirates of the Carrot Bean are happy and healthy once again! To see more adventures from us, head over to the video section of the website and watch this week’s video!

Until we meet again,

Captain Pepto and Captain PeriOWG_Blog_Art_3-24-11

The Pirates of the Carrot and Bean

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