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Agventures in Collier County, FL!

The OrganWise Guys have been having lots of fun in Collier County, Florida! In January, Collier County Extension Services hosted their annual Agventures, and the OWG dolls had to make an appearance. This is the third year in a row where the dolls have hung out at Agventures and each time they come wearing their Western gear.agventures-2_1

Each year, the Family Nutrition Program brings nutrition education to the Agventures event. Suzanne Fundingsland, Collier County Extension Agent, shared with us these photos that were taken at their two booths. FNP Program Assistants use this opportunity to teach about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and how these produce items make their way from the farm on to our plates. The OWG doll is used to further enhance their healthy messages, teaching children about why it is so important to feed our bodies these healthy foods. Keep up the great work, Collier County!agventures

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