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Almost Turkey Time

Well hey there!

This Thursday is the fourth Thursday of November, and as we all know, the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving! For me, Thanksgiving means laughing with the family, playing some two-hand touch football, and really, just having fun! It also means some delicious food: turkey, low-fat mashed-potatoes, green beans, and more! I just love all the food. In fact, sometimes I love Thanksgiving food a little too much. Last year, I ate way too much and had to sit out of the family football game because my stomach was hurting so bad. It was a BIG bummer. This year, I asked some of The OrganWise Guys for advice to help me avoid repeating the same mistakes. Pepto told me to slow down when I’m eating. It’s not a race! He said to take my time and enjoy the food since it’s not going anywhere (and if it does, that means we may have undercooked the turkey – haha)! The Kidney Brothers told me to drink plenty of water. No surprises there! Water will keep me hydrated and ready to play in the big football game. And Peri told me to watch my portions. I love mashed potatoes, but I don’t have to eat ALL OF THEM! That’s the beauty of leftovers! Hopefully, these tips will keep me (and you!) feeling great all Thanksgiving Day!OWG_Blog_Art_11-21-11

Keep Livin’ OrganWise,

Luigi Liver

PS – Get my coloring sheetfor a fun activity while you’re waiting for the turkey!

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