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Alternative Healthy Holiday Solutions

Holiday season means lots of gatherings with family and friends that center around FOOD! To avoid eating too many unhealthy fats and sugars, see what The OrganWise Guys have to say about making your holiday gatherings as healthy as possible. Often times, making small adjustments to ingredients or dishes can make major health improvements, which is great for our bodies. Read on to find out how you can make these small changes at home!

Here are some small changes that you can make at home this holiday season:

  • Before the Party – Make sure to eat good, lean proteins and fruits and veggies during the day so when you get to the party you don’t overeat unhealthy foods. Eating lots of fruits and veggies will keep your stomach feeling full and will also help curb cravings for sugar or junk food later in the day.
  • Drinks While you may not always realize it, beverage consumption, whether it be fruit juices, soda, or alcoholic beverages, can result in a large number of your daily caloric intake. It is always a good idea to make sure you are getting plenty of water every day and only consuming the other beverages in moderation. If you are looking for something festive, yet healthy, try serving this OrganWise-approved Holiday Punch at your party this season!
  • dips like theseAppetizers – Swap out cheese- and cream-based dips for healthier options. Choose dips with a vegetable base. For example, choose dips like the one on the right that combine beans or lentils with chopped tomatoes and cilantro for lots of vitamins and fiber!
  • Salads – Be sure to go light on salad toppings like cheese, croutons, and dressings (even vinaigrettes). A perfect salad to accompany your holiday meal only needs a few minutes of preparation. Use spinach for your leaves for the most nutrition, and add your favorite dried or fresh fruit, walnuts (which have good fats!), and sprinkle with low-fat cheese. Finish with a simple homemade dressing or vinaigrette (sparingly).
  • Main Dishes – Serve the leanest cuts of meats for your main course holiday parties. Select chicken or turkey breasts whenever possible, and use sirloin or pork loins if your recipes call for beef or pork. Be sure to remove the skin from any meats that you do eat, and avoid fried meats whenever possible. And remember, beans and lentils make great “mains” sometimes!
  • Desserts – Go for the pumpkin pie! This dish usually has the least amount of fat and sugar and is a better option than cheesecake or cookies.
  • Around the House – Have bowls of fruits around the house so people can pick up a healthy treat between meals, instead of grabbing cookies or sweets.


What are some other healthy substitutions that you incorporate into your holiday get togethers?

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