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American Diabetes Month

Hi guys and girls!
Today at recess, I was bouncing around the playground as usual. My friend and I were about to play some ‘four square,’ but before we could start, our teacher came over to let us know that Andy needed to run to the nurse’s office. It turns out his Mom dropped something off for him, so I went with him to the nurse’s office. His mom left him his insulin shot. “Why do you need an insulin shot?” He looked at me, puzzled. “Shouldn’t you know this?” he said. “You are a pancreas, after all.” I told him, “I know what an insulin shot is, I just didn’t realize you needed one.” I learned that he had Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is a disease in which the body mistakenly attacks insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. That’s a problem, I knew that much! Insulin is like the keys that help energy get into all of your body cells, so your body needs it to keep going. Since Andy’s body couldn’t produce insulin, he takes a shot of insulin everyday, and then is good to go! He said there is also a Type 2 Diabetes, but he didn’t know about that one as much.

I asked the nurse if she knew about it. Silly question I guess, she is a nurse! She gave us a pamphlet, and told us that we should tell our friends and family to stay healthy, as an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, she said it was National Diabetes Month, so it was a great time to spread the word. This gave me an idea!

I ran to our teacher and asked her if The OrganWise Guys could give a presentation over the next few days on ways to stay healthy and prevent Type 2 Diabetes. She thought it was great idea! So I told the others, and they were bouncing around with excitement, just like me! Don’t worry, I’ll have them blog the tips… We want you living healthy, too!  Oh and don’t forget to get my coloring sheetOWG_Blog_Art_11-7-11

Keep eating healthy,
Peter Pancreas

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