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An Amazing Party!

Hey Everybody!Hardy Stethoscope and heart

I want to start out by saying that my OrganWise Guys pals are the best! I’m sure you all know why, as they told me they blogged about it, but just in case you don’t…. They threw me a surprise Healthy Heart Valentine’s party! And I had NO idea.

After school, I headed to the clubhouse as usual, only to walk in and be met by my friends yelling, “Surprise!” Wow. Looking at all the hard work they put into the food, drinks, decorations, and activities, I just swelled with pride that I had such amazing friends in my life. Having so much healthy fun at the party reminded me of something: Exercising and eating right are two things that the heart definitely needs to stay healthy, and that is true LOVE! It’s kind of like a special Valentine’s Day present to yourself! I suggest you give yourself a Valentine’s present like this all year long!

Thanks to all my friends who helped out (and you too—I heard you kids helped with the invitations)! To say thanks, I wanted to give you a brand new coloring sheet!  Just click here!

Happy American Heart Month!

Hardy Heart

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