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An American Heart Month Teaching Tool

In February, the symbol of a heart is not just for Valentine’s Day! Did you know that we celebrate all things heart health in February too? Give your Hardy Hearts some love and recognize this important month by eating healthy and being physically active! Our hearts are happy when we eat low-fat foods or foods with good fats (the two February Foods of the Month) and get lots of physical activity.¬†

Calling all teachers! Focus on heart health in the classroom with this family tree exercise from the American Heart Association. The My Family Health Tree exercise is similar to that of a typical family tree. However, the focus of this exercise is on family history of health problems related to heart disease. This activity not only raises awareness about heart health Рit can also be an important way for families to take preventative action against heart disease by beginning to make healthier choices!



Try this out and let us know how it went in your classroom!


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