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An OrganWise Gardening Idea

A friend of ours sent us this idea and we just love it! There’s so much buzz about creating gardens these days and gardens are a GREAT way to teach kids about nutrient-rich foods and get them excited about eating those foods. Yet, often a garden takes up a lot of space in your yard. We thought this idea was not only practical but beautiful…

Our creative friend found an old door on the side of the road, she made a pouch for the dirt from chicken wire (to allow it to drain) and propped on some sawhorses. Simply add seeds and you have fresh salad, herbs and more right outside your door (and in your door). Of course, old windows would also work or you could build your own frame. Take a trip to your local garden store to find out what the best types of soil are and when you should plant in your part of the country.


gardendoor saladtable

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