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Are They Bored Yet?

I’m Bored!” How many times have you already heard that from the kiddos this summer? No matter how excited the kids are about summer break or how many fun things are planned, there comes a time when this statement is inevitable. We thought we would offer some fresh ideas (hopefully!) to help beat the summer boredom:

  • Pinterest – If you have not become acquainted with this addictive resource, then sign up now! From creative crafts, family car trip entertainment, healthy meal ideas, and yes, ways to beat summer boredom, this site has it all!
  • Water Fun – I’m sure this is not a novel idea, but have you incorporated the sprinkler, a water balloon fight and cheap water guns into your backyard fun yet? This is a great way to be active AND beat the summer heat!
  • Local events – Undoubtedly there is a website, weekly newsletter, or a blog that will inform you of all the fun local happenings for the kids. From small stage, kid-friendly plays to outdoor splash pads and local parks, there is bound to be some inexpensive entertainment awaiting!
  • Library Visit – Take the kids to your local branch and let them select some new books to read. This is a great way to give them the opportunity to make their own choices and to ensure they get in some reading over the summer.
  • OrganWise Fun – The OWG kid’s page is full of free entertainment! There are video clips, computer games, coloring and activity sheets to download and you can also follow ‘the Guys’ on their adventures each week!
  • Make a List – Get input from the kids on what they would like to do this summer (if they are of that age) and create a “Summer Bucket List.” Let them select activities from the list and cross them off when completed. We borrowed the bucket list idea from this great blog. You can check out some of the creative ideas they have for yourself!

What are your favorite ideas for curing that summer boredom?

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