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Are you ready for some football?

Hola amigos!

It’s almost the weekend and weekends in the fall mean fútbol Americano (that’s Spanish for “football”)!I’m hoping to get some of The OrganWise Guys together for a touch football game at the park. It is always a good time, because you never know when a Frisbee or a dog is going to run through during a play! It sure keeps you on your toes (although you already should be, especially if you’re quarterback)! I really want to try a new route for our receivers. In the play, both receivers go ten yards down field, then peel off in opposite directions. I’m calling it the banana peel! I’m thinking it’ll lead to a first down, especially because it’s named after a fruit, and fruits always lead to good things!

Download my coloring and activity sheet while you wait for the big game! OWG_Blog_Art_10-13-11


Madame Muscle

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