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August Healthy Shopping on a Budget

We are back with our grocery deals for August! This month we spent about $31.00 for the four meals pictured. How were we able to buy these items for so cheap? Continue reading to find out!

August Budget PostTo spend less money on foods, only buy what you need! This may sound like common sense, but we took it a step further  and really only bought the quantities of food that were necessary for our recipes. In the produce section, spend a few extra minutes selecting the appropriate sized fruits and veggies for your meals, and use the scales that the store provides. These are great money saving tools that are often overlooked. For example, a 1.5 pound tomato may look similar to a 1 pound tomato, but choosing the lighter version can save you $$$.

Does your grocery store have a self serve option for things like nuts and trail mix? If so, consider taking advantage of this if your recipe calls for it. We were able to buy just the right amount of granola that we needed for our peach cobbler recipe and ended up saving a few dollars by not purchasing a pre-packaged one.

Overall, we think August turned out to be a wallet-friendly month! What are your favorite cost cutting tips for groceries?

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