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Back to School Blues

Hi-ya kids!

Today is the first day of school, which means summer is over. All last week we’d been dreading going back to school. Single-file lines? Hall monitors? Homework?  Did we really want that? Last night we came to realize that yes, we did want that!  All of a sudden, school is today and we are so excited. You know why? We really like school; teachers, friends, recess AND getting smarter! Besides, it will be a lot more fun if we go with a good attitude. In fact, most things are more enjoyable if you have a good attitude. We are going whether we want to or not, so why not smile about it? So grab your water bottle and get excited about school too! You know Sir Rebrum will be the first in line at the bus stop!OWG_Blog_Art_8-20-12

The Kidney Bros.

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