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Back to School Tools for OWG Programming

It’s hard to believe school will be back in session in the coming weeks! The OrganWise Guys are eager to get back to spreading the word of good health, so whether you already use the evidence-based programming or you are new to it, we wanted to share all of the resources that are available on our website.

  • Training Tools – See how the school assemblies are done or catch Dr. Michelle Lombardo (OWG President and creator) perform a training on The OrganWise Guys Comprehensive School Program (OWG CSP).
  • Curriculum Standards – All of the OWG materials are correlated and updated in real-time to your state curriculum AND Common Core standards!
  • Program Implementation – If you want some suggestions for how to use the materials in your setting, you can download implementation guides and lesson plans!
  • Assessment Tools – Utilize Pre/Post tools to measure the improvement in students’ knowledge gain before and after program implementation as well as post intent to change behavior.
  • DVD Activity Sheets – Download primary or upper elementary activity sheets for follow-up use with the OWG videos.
  • MARC Records – The media specialist can use these to make cataloguing OWG materials simple.
  • Grant Writing Tools – Helpful information to help secure funding if you are interested in bringing all or part of The OrganWise Guys program to your school, afterschool or summer programming.
  • OrganWise Kid’s Page – Find ‘all things kids’ here, including video clips, FREE activity and coloring sheet downloads, computer games, recipes, and Foods of the Month tips.
  • Kid’s Blog Check back each Monday and Thursday to see what ‘the Guys’ are up to! You can also download and copy free activity and coloring sheets that correspond to that blog!
  • Educator Blog Learn best practices for OWG program implementation in the classroom and community.
  • Grown Up Blog – Gain helpful tips and ways to keep your family OrganWise at home.

Which OWG resources do you find most helpful? Sir Rebrum Book

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