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Bad Case of Diorama

Hello hello!

You know how teachers assign you a project, and you think, “That’s easy! I can get that done in one, two hours at most!” Well, I thought that when my teacher gave us a project a few weeks ago. Our assignment was to choose our favorite book, and then make a diorama, which is basically a 3-D picture, of our favorite scene in the book. It sounded simple enough, and it was, if you started it when she gave us the assignment. Normally, I am very good about staying on top of my studies and getting my work done without a lot of stress, but  this project

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sounded like a silly art project … Just throw some clay in a shoebox, and I’m good to go. If only it were that easy. I had to sculpt all the characters, wait for them to dry, then paint and glue them in place. However, I could only do that after I drew and colored the background, glued that in place, and then finished the scenery. It took me all of Saturday and half of Sunday. If only I had worked on it a little bit each night, I could have had a really fun weekend, playing outside with friends. Instead, I was stuck inside. Lesson learned.

Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

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