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Balancing the Energy Equation – Family Walks

In the day and age of high-impact workouts and regimented exercise programs, simple things like taking a walk can easily get overlooked. As winter fades away and our days get longer, talking a walk as a family is a great way to get some extended time together at the end of the day. Here are a few ways you can make that time fun and interactive.

  • Ask each family member to share one thing from their day for which they are thankful. This gives you a chance to reflect on the day and hear from each other.
  • Make it a game. Have your kids find different “treasures” such as leaves, rocks, alumnium cans (might as well keep the streets clean and do a little recyling!).
  • Leave straight from dinner and have a delicous dessert like frozen yogurt with fresh fruit when you get home! It gives you time for your stomach to send those messages to your brain that you’re full and you are less tempted to overeat when it comes to dessert!
  • Stop and talk to your neighbors. Living in a community and connecting with others is part of a healthy lifestyle. Take a few minutes to get to know someone in your neighborhood.

With all of your commitments as a family, it might not be feasible to take a walk every night but consider trying it at least once a week for just 20 minutes!


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