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Beat the Heat With The Kidney Brothers

Hi-ya kids!

Boy oh boy, it was a scorcher outside today! Walking from our classroom to the cafeteria was like walking across the Sahara Desert; it was so hot! When it gets hot, your body cools itself down by sweating. So sweat we did. Especially when we were on the playground at recess. There is one way to help keep your body cool as the temperatures begin to rise. Do you know what it is? Ding, ding, ding, you are correct! The answer is water, and lots of it! Is there anything better than coming in from outside and enjoying an ice-cold glass of water? We don’t think so! Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. Need a game plan to help you get in all that water? Here we go: One glass in the morning when you get up. One glass with each meal (so that’s three glasses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), one glass after school, one more after you do your homework. That’s six glasses right there. No big deal. You can do it! OWG_Blog_Art_5-17-12

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The Kidney Brothers

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