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Beat the Valentine's Day Sugar Rush

Just when you thought you’d finally cleared out the last bit of Christmas candy, Valentines Day strikes! Yet another sugary holiday for your children! Rather than stock your pantries full of more candy, we thought of some OrganWise ideas to make the day special.

  • Make it festive. Decorate your dining room (or kitchen) with pink and red streamers, balloons, Valentine’s plates, heart-shaped confetti and matching napkins. It makes the day feel special without loads of sugar.
  • Add a special touch to lunch. Find a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out their sandwich, add some stickers to the bottom of their bag, add one candy heart, or even write a little note telling them that you love them.
  • Make healthier treats. Strawberries already have the natural shape of a heart – make strawberry/banana kabobs for an after-school snack and serve them in a red cup. If you want to add a little protein, grab some greek yogurt and make it into a festive yogurt parfait.
  • “Mini-size” your treats. It is a special day so celebrate with some fun treats but try buying mini cupcakes or desserts (just enough for each person to have one).


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