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Berries and Peppers for Good Health


Hardy berries and peppersThe OrganWise Guys want kids to be healthy all year long. Making healthy food choices and being physically active is still important in the summer. Summertime provides kids with lots of time to play and have fun with their friends, so certainly getting sick is not an option! Hardy Heart recommends heading to your local farmer’s market to pick up some tasty berries and peppers for some healthy snack options this summer. These OrganWise Guys foods of the month are yummy summer treats and heading to the farmer’s market with the kids is a great way to have a conversation about healthy eating during the summer months. Once you have discussed healthy eating, let the kids select which berries and peppers they want to take home to eat.

Make sure to download the fun, berry-themed coloring sheet for the kids to color on a break from playing outside with their friends. Here’s a suggestion: feed the kids berries and peppers while they are coloring!


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