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Birthday Party Blunder?

Hi there,

Looking back on this school year, I certainly learned a lot. However, the biggest lesson I learned wasn’t in the classroom. This year, my parents said I could invite my entire class to my birthday party. I quickly filled out the invitations to pass out the next day in class. As I was talking to my friends about it the next day, they told me not to invite one of our classmates. They said that he got on their nerves and didn’t want him there. I had noticed that he didn’t always fit in with everyone, but would I really invite my entire class to my birthday except him? My friends would be mad, but I would hurt his feelings. I decided to invite him with the rest of the class. He was so excited to be invited that he was the first to arrive at my party that weekend, and he was actually a blast! He started a conga line, sang the loudest during “Happy Birthday,” and my parents said he thanked them twice for having him over. He was the perfect guest and a ton of fun. It taught me that when faced with excluding one person or including everyone, I’ll always make sure to include everyone if I can. Get your fun coloring sheet  and activity sheet for today!

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