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Breakfast on the Go!

Both of my kids are old enough to get their breakfast ready in the morning, however, they are indeed teenagers! This means that the majority of the time, they waituntil the last minute presenting the need for a quick, healthy, and nutritious breakfast.  We’ve come up with a couple yummy solutions that fill Pepto, the stomach and get Sir Rebrum ready for the day.


A favorite quick on-the-go breakfast for my daughter, Marin, is the Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Nibble. She takes two multi-grain frozen waffles and puts them in the toaster. While the waffles are toasting, she slices half of a banana length-wise into three pieces that will easily fit on the toasted waffles.  When the waffles are done toasting, she spreads peanut butter, places the banana pieces and sandwiches them together for a quick breakfast.

My son, Taylor, makes more of a MAN-which with the toasted multi-grain waffles. Instead of peanut butter and banana, he quickly scrambles an egg in the microwave oven and adds Canadian bacon and/or cheese to the waffle sandwich for his quick breakfast. The multi-vitamins and single servings of vegetable/fruit juices (V-8 fusion is a favorite) are easily accessible as they run out the door for their busy days.

When peace enters the kitchen after they are rushed out, I feel good that they are fueled up with a healthy, nutrient-filled breakfast.


By Julie Green

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