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Bring OWG into Your Summer Program…

The school year is winding down, which means summer is upon us. Summertime is typically an unhealthy time for kids; eating habits tend to be less healthy and they are not exposed to as much nutrition and physical activity education that they are during the school year. Here’s where The OrganWise Guys can help! Why not bring them into your summer programming so that the kids are reminded of making healthy choices throughout the summer months as well?download (3)

To help create that healthy environment during the summer, we are offering 20% off the OWG Summer Camp Kit during the month of May. We also recommend this kit for use in after-school programming, so once the summer is over, you can transition these same materials to that setting.

Order online or call 800.786.1730 to get yours today! Use coupon code MAY1301 upon checkout.

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