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Calci the Bookworm

Hey team!

We’re all making goals for the new year, which helps us to stay healthy and have fun. At first, I thought I’d make my goal to run at least one mile every week. I liked it because I know I could do it easily. In fact, I probably already do it. Then I started thinking about it … I should challenge myself, make a goal that I can be really proud of because I worked to achieve it. So my goal is to read one book every month this year. I know that may not sound like a lot, but I am not a great reader. Reading a book a month will help improve the speed at which I read, as well as strengthen my vocabulary. So watch out, soon enough my blog entries will be filled with words that are quite formidable. Just kidding, I had to look up that word! (Formidable means “challenging or difficult.”) Better get reading!OWG_Blog_Art_1-7-13

Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

Talk to you later,

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