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Chicago Students Express Their Love for Veggies through Music!

The University of Illinois at Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion (CPHP) promotes good nutrition and healthy eating with the OWG Foods of the Month Kit. In this past school year alone, they have worked with over 22,800 students in 44 schools! CPHP is always on the forefront of new and creative ways to encourage children to try the Foods of the Month, like cooking demonstrations, taste testings and more. In April, in addition to their taste test, CPHP hosted a musical contest for students to make a creative rap about their love for green beans (an April Foods of the Month)!Picture-for-Green-Bean-Rap-Story---UIC---Contest-Winners

In April, the green bean taste test was hosted in 11 schools for about 7,800 students. The tasting also involved a green bean rap contest at the National Teacher’s Academy. Great job to all the students who participated and a special shout out to the winners! They are:

1st place Qamara Scott, 2nd grade

2nd place Justus White, 7th grade

3rd place Keon Snuggilan, 2nd grade

Great job CPHP!

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