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Childhood Obesity Fight Led by World Champion Gymnast


We always love to showcase organizations who share our mission … fighting childhood obesity! So, we wanted to talk about a World Champion and Olympic gymnast, Shannon Miller, who now devotes her time and energy to the health and fitness of women and children.

Through the Shannon Miller Foundation, this Olympic gold medalist and mother of two is working to combat childhood obesity by providing physical activity opportunities for children ages 5-14. SMF has set up school running clubs that encourage children to set goals and become leaders through physical activity! The goal is to give children the opportunity to shine while enjoying fitness. You can learn more about the running clubs at www.shannonmillerfoundation.com.

Shannon’s company, Shannon Miller Lifestyle is focused on helping women make their health a priority. SML offers health and fitness tools for women, including healthy recipes, nutrition information, fitness and general wellness tips and products.

These are great resources, coming from a champion gymnast who continues to encourage and inspire others to focus on their health!


Great work Shannon! You continue to be an inspiration to countless others.

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