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It's Cold Outside

Hello hello,

Sir Rebrum here with a friendly reminder that it’s cold outside. You already knew that? Of course you did, you’re all smart! But I also want to remind you to still be active! I know when it is cold outside, you want to stay inside, sitting on the couch reading a book or watching a movie with your family. Guess what, you can totally do that! Just be sure to take a few minutes to get your body moving by doing 100 jumping jacks, dancing to your favorite Christmas tunes, or walking into every room of your house and cleaning up any small messes. The best part about that last one is you’ll be getting moving and your parents will love you for helping out around the house, so everybody wins! Don’t let your body go into hibernation this winter! You can also download the coloring sheet for today and add that to your indoor activities!

Think healthy thoughts!

Sir Rebrum

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