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Constipation in Kids: 6 Ways To Keep It Moving


Constipation in kidsUndoubtedly if you’ve had a child, you have dealt with the issue of constipation at some time or another. It can be frustrating to deal with as a parent and there are usually a number of reasons for the child to be constipated. Whether it’s a systemic problem or even a fear of going on the potty, we have some suggestions that can help.

Here are 6 things you can do to make sure your children are going regularly:

  1. Read books – Prior to potty training, read some of the kid’s books geared toward potty prep that teach them it’s a positive change and one for “big” kids.
  2. Schedule regular potty breaks – For real young kids it’s important to visit the bathroom consistently. Set a timer on your phone with a fun alarm (we used ducks in our house) and when the timer goes off it’s potty time. Even if they aren’t actually “going” it’s good to get them feeling more comfortable on the toilet.
  3. Increase water consumption – Keeping your child hydrated is key, so keep a cup of water readily available in the refrigerator at all times and encourage water as the go-to choice of beverage.
  4. Monitor milk intake – Low-fat and/or skim milk is great for strong bones and teeth, so it’s important for kids to get their calcium in, however, if kids drink too much milk, it prevents them from being hungry and eating the healthy foods to help them stay regular.
  5. Get moving – Physical activity will also aid in digestion so make sure your kids are moving and staying active on a daily basis.
  6. Keep a rewards chart – Maybe all it takes is a little bit of motivation. Create a chart for your little one and each time they go potty, they get to add a fun sticker to the chart. You can even use a bigger prize, such as a new favorite toy, as a reward for a certain number of stickers earned. Have fun with it!

Hopefully these tips, along with a little help from Peri Stolic, the large intestine, in this video, your child will be keeping it moving regularly!


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