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Costa Rica Kids Get Healthy

Ashley Griffin HeadshotPreviously we shared the story of OWG President, Dr. Michelle Lombardo’s, niece, Ashley Griffin, and her student teaching stint in Costa Rica where she incorporated OWG into her lessons. Today we have an update from Ashley and her experience with The OrganWise Guys in Costa Rica.

The Organwise Guys continue to have an impact down in Costa Rica! Our school, Tree of Life International School, encourages hands-on technology to strengthen the understanding of specific concepts. Recently, we have been working with Scratch, a coding program online. I was thrilled when the older students came to my classroom to ask if they could borrow my Organwise Guy! They “dissected” him and had each organ connected to a certain function on the computer. When the organ was pressed a student recording said what organ he was, and his primary function. It was both a wonderful and stimulating activity that kept the students engaged. 

2015 Costa Rica 2

2015 Costa Rica 3

2015 Costa Rica 1

 I also wanted to share this sweet story about a little boy in the Kindergarten class. He simply loved the Organwise Guy doll that his parents ended up buying him his own, personal doll! At night he makes statements such as, “Mom, my Pepto is hungry!”

2015 Costa Rica 4

I love how this program is Impacting kids around the world from the inside out! 

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