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Creating a Healthy Workplace During National Employee Health and Fitness Month

Annually, the third Wednesday of May is National Employee Health and Fitness Day, but the entire month of May is also devoted to creating a healthy workplace environment. The importance of living a healthy lifestyle, including eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising, extends beyond just your physical well-being. A person who takes care of themselves physically is generally a more confident and productive employee. So, celebrate this month in your workplace by incorporating fun activities that promote health and wellness! Here are some fun ideas you can begin to integrate this month and throughout the year:

  • Promote taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Start a walking group that meets before or after work or even during the lunch hour
  • Sign up as a team for a run/walk for a good cause and encourage everyone to train together for it
  • Hold monthly educational sessions by bringing in guest speakers to talk about various health topics
  • Send out a brief weekly newsletter providing healthy tips or even recipes
  • Plan a health fair type event with healthy offerings and activities for families

What other ideas do you have to help create that healthy workplace environment?

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