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Creative, But Not Costly Teacher Appreciation Gift

By Julie Green

By Julie Green

We share this fun idea every year, because it seems to really be a cost-efficient, yet meaningful way to show teachers your appreciation for all hard work they put in day in and day out!

Kids are getting excited that the end of the school year is soon approaching. It’s almost summer time!! As a parent, the end of the school year means some added expenses that may not be in the budget, including costly teacher appreciation gifts. If your child has several teachers, or you have several children with one or many teachers, this can be a costly undertaking.

Teachers love gifts, but mostly gifts from the heart of the children they have taught. An Acrostic Poem from a student will always be a cherished gift; it is a creative way to communicate feelings of appreciation in an artistic way.

Our OWG illustrator helped us decorate this one, but your child could decorate with paint, crayons, cut out pictures, fabric, etc. Be original and have him/her put their own personality into the project. To make it more formal, you could put the poem in a frame with the school year and date on it. Not only will your child be proud of the gift, but the teacher will also be impressed and have a personal and positive memento to cherish.

OWG acrostic Poem


















What is your favorite go-to teacher appreciation gift?

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