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Creativity with The OrganWise Guys Program

It’s hard to believe school is back in session! With that being said, we wanted to share how The OrganWise Guys’ evidence-based comprehensive school program (OWG CSP) can easily be implemented in your school. If you are about to get started with the program for the first time, or if you are a seasoned OrganWise veteran, read on for some helpful insight.

One advantage of OWG CSP is its flexibility. Ideally it is recommended that the program starts either at the beginning of the school year or even in January, based on the evolution of the school year (with testing and other activities). However, it is important that each school modifies it to fit their schedules and programming. Also, since the materials are linked to both your state’s and Common Core curriculum standards, it should make it easier to get buy-in from the teachers and staff.

A unique trend that we have discovered based on feedback, is that the schools are changing up the actual implementers of the program. Typically, the classroom teachers offer most of the instruction, however, some schools are using a variety of staff to assist with implementation. Have you considered enlisting any of the following ‘helpers’ that could help infuse The OrganWise Guys throughout your school?

  • School principal
  • PE teacher
  • Traveling health educator
  • School guidance counselor
  • School nurse
  • School librarian
  • Foodservice personnel
  • Fine arts teachers
  • Peer educators (Older students love taking ownership and mentoring the younger students)
School Play Pic

A creative elementary school music teacher, along with the help of some parents, put together an OrganWise play in Mississippi.

We love to hear about and applaud this type of “out of the box” thinking. Not only does this school-wide involvement encourage creativity, but it helps to bring camaraderie to the school and makes everyone feel like they are contributing. What better cause to come together on than inspiring and raising healthier children?
What unique things have you done with The OrganWise Guys program?
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