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Crunch Time Goals

Well hello everyone,

November is here, which means we are in the final two months of the year … but there’s still so much left I want to do this year! I want to rake up a pile of leaves and jump into it. I want to jump rope 100 times without stopping. I want to re-read my favorite book. I want to help my dad cook Sunday dinner. All these things are just at the top of my long list. So I’m making a resolution for the rest of the year: no parking in front of the TV and watching it for hours on end. Will I still watch some of my favorite shows? Sure! But I am not going to spend a whole day on the couch when there is so much else I want to do! I encourage each one of you to set a few more goals to accomplish before the year is over. After all, it’s never too late to set some goals! Oh and make sure and download your coloring sheet for today!

Keep breathing!

Accomplishing goalsWindy

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