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Dance the Night Away

Hola Amigos!

My favorite exercise-related memory happened just this weekend. Calci, Peri, Windy, and I had a slumber party. We played outside all day, but once night rolled around, we went inside to eat a healthy dinner (baked chicken, sweet potatoes and delicious broccoli) and get ready for bed. But the problem was, we weren’t ready for bed! We were still wide-awake with energy to spare but we couldn’t go outside and run around since it was pitch black. It was quite the dilemna until Peri came up with a great idea—dancing! So we put on our OrganWise Guys music, which you can hear right now by watching the video and danced around for over an hour! It was certainly fun, and it got our muscles moving and our hearts pumping as well! So the next time you are stuck inside, don’t turn on the TV, get up and dance!

It was such a blast, which is why it is definitely one of my favorite memories. To see more of our memories, head over to the home page and watch the weekly message. OWG_Blog_Art_4-18-11

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Madame Muscle

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