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Dear Me

Hi guys and girls,

My favorite assignment this year is from this past week. As we finish another school year, our teacher told us to write a letter to ourselves to open when we graduate. That means, when we finish high school, we’ll be getting letters we wrote to ourselves from elementary school. What a great idea! It really got me thinking about what I wanted to tell future-Peter. I told him, er, me, that I hoped he worked hard and was able to go a college he liked. Also, I hoped he’d continue to follow The OrganWise Guys rules, too since health is so important! Lastly, I hoped that he tried out for the basketball team and continued to do volunteer work. What would you include in a letter to your future self? Make sure and get your coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!OWG_Blog_Art_5-22-14

Keep eating healthy,


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