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Deep Breaths

Hi there!OWG_Blog_Art_1-12-15

This weekend, I already had a lot of homework to do. I was so surprised that we’d already have so much, as we’ve only been back at school for a week. I thought I had gotten everything done, but then last night, I realized I had to read a chapter of my book and write about what I read. I started to get really upset because I thought I had finished everything! But instead of getting upset, I took three deep breaths to calm myself down, and then I got to work. Let me tell you, the work was much easier to do without all the anger. So next time you start to feel stressed out over schoolwork, just take a minute to breathe because you have the choice to be upset and make things worse, or calm down and get it done. Either way, it has to get done, so you might as well be in a good mood while doing it! If you need a schoolwork break, you can download the coloring sheet for today.

Keep breathing!


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