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Definitely Grand!

Windy Grand CanyonHi there!

Today, we arrived at the Grand Canyon. The excitement in the car was building up as we made our way to this amazing geographical landmark and when we finally arrived, we were not disappointed. The view was breathtaking, and my job is to breathe, so you know it was a truly spectacular sight! The canyon is over 270 miles long, which is almost 5,000 football fields! You score a touchdown on that field, and that sure would be a touchdown to remember!

We spent most of the day walking around the top of the canyon, taking pictures and simply enjoying the outdoors. The Grand Canyon is located within the Grand Canyon National Park, so there is nature as far as the eye can see. You know what nature means: fresh air! I was sure to take it all in, both the views and the clean, crisp air!

We’re staying at the Grand Canyon for a few days, hiking and maybe even doing some rafting, so we’ll be sure to let you know! While you’re waiting, we’ve got a new coloring sheet!

Keep Breathin’!


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