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Does it Work?

We love it when we receive a great story of encouragement. This email is from Ollena Jackson, an all-star program assistant in Virginia. We hope it encourages you as you are in the day-to-day trenches of teaching your children how to be smart and healthy from the inside out!

Email from Ollena:

Good morning! I just opened a card I received in the mail this morning and once I stopped drying my tears I had to share it with you. This is from a 4thgrade teacher and here’s what it said …
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for what you do. I don’t think you realize the impact you are having on these kids.  As you know, Chad (name changed) has been dropping the weight since the beginning of school. He is now down four pants sizes.  His mother came by my classroom yesterday morning with some questions – 1.  Who is Hardy Heart and Madame Muscle? 2.  Who do I thank for the changes in Chad? I told her it was you and Mr. A and explained who the OWG are and about your program. She said that now when they eat he asks himself would Hardy like that. She has noticed behavior changes in him that she didn’t think were possible. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop! I’m so proud of Chad and just as proud of you!”
Now a little back story on Chad…he is an autistic child who was overweight. He is integrated in a normal 4th grade class with a full-time aide. He is somewhat social but not very responsive. When Mr. A (school gym teacher) and I began the walking club, he took to it like white on rice! He has more miles walked than any other kid in the school. I always wondered if he was listening during our OWG fun time and I guess he was. 
I didn’t send this to toot my own horn. I wanted to share because without OWG this wouldn’t be happening in this kids life. Again, I can’t tell you guys how awesome you are!!! I love seeing the impact those nutty little organs have on the young and old. Thanks for sharing your message with the world! I’m thankful to be a part of it

We want to thank Ollena and all of you who work so hard to teach children how to live healthy lives. We’re proud to be the vehicle for your wonderful work!

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