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Don't Forget Breakfast

Hello hello!

Healthy breakfasts are an important part of your academic success. That’s why it’s so SMART that schools serve nutritious breakfasts for students like you! National School Breakfast Week is a great reminder of the impact that a well-balanced breakfast can have on your education. When you start your day with foods like whole-wheat toast, low-fat yogurt, and some fruit, you are setting yourself up for a successful school day! If you skip breakfast, which is never recommended, you’ll find yourself with no energy to focus during class. And if you can’t focus, you’ll spend the morning classes thinking about how hungry you are and not learning the new material. So whether it’s at home or at school, don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast! Your brain will thank you!  And speaking of your brain, download my activity and coloring sheets today! OWG_Blog_Art_3-8-12

Think healthy thoughts,
Sir Rebrum

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