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Easy Green Bean Lunch Ideas

Fresh beans are an April Foods of the Month. Green beans, a type of fresh bean, can be used in many different dishes. You may think of green beans only when you think of side dishes, but try using them like you would any other green (like spinach or lettuce). Green beans contain a good amount of antioxidants like Vitamin C and beta-carotene, so your body will thank you when you add them to a meal!
Read below for ways that we like to incorporate green beans into our lunches:

Green Bean Turkey Sandwich – Prepare a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce tomato, avocado and a little bit of low-fat mayonnaise. Add fresh whole green beans to top your sandwich for a delicous crunch and added flavor.

Veggie Pizza with Green Beans – Would you ever think to try green beans on pizza? It is tasty! Simply add green beans as a topping to your favorite pizza for a creative way to add more of this food to your diet.
Shrimp and Green Bean Salad – Use a combination of spinach leaves and romaine lettuce for your salad base. Top with grilled shrimp, roasted tomatoes, and cut up whole green beans that have been steamed. Add your favorite low-fat dressing and top with shaved parmesan cheese for a colorful and healthy meal.

Chicken Wrap with Green Beans – Use cut up grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, a little bit of low-fat cheese, some onion, and cut up green beans to create a healthy lunch wrap. Use a sharp knife to cut the wrap in half, like we did below. Or, if you are feeling creative, cut up the wrap into smaller pieces to make bite size “sushi” pieces for a fun afterschool snack.green-bean-lunches

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