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Eating with Color!

Hey girls and boys!

I just read Peri’s blog about all the delicious foods she got to eat on St. Patrick’s Day. Lucky her! Reading about the array of “green” foods reminded me that this month is National Nutrition Month! To get a variety of nutrients, it is important to eat lots of different colors of food, which means eating fruits and veggies from all of the colors of the rainbow, such as:

Red … cherries and tomatoes!
Orange … carrots and oranges!
Yellow … squash and bananas!
Green … spinach and green beans!
Blue … blueberries, of course!

So what will you find at the end of this rainbow? An OrganWise pot of gold, which is GREAT HEALTH!

I encourage all of you to do your best to eat as many colorful fruits and veggies as you can each day to keep your Organwise Guys healthy and happy. To see more healthy, colorful foods, check out this week’s coloring sheet and activity sheet!

Keep eating healthy!OWG_Blog_Art_3-21-11
Peter Pancreas

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