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Egg Breakfasts

Eggs are a May Foods of the Month. Sir Rebrum loves to eat eggs for breakfast; they make for great brain food to keep him functioning all day long!

Start your day off right with some of these breakfast ideas, which all include eggs:

Veggie Egg Scramble – Use any leftover veggies you have in your kitchen to create a quick egg scramble with veggies. You can use chopped tomato, onion, pepper, zucchini, spinach, etc. – the possibilities are endless! Cook the veggies in a bit of extra-virgin olive oil (this also prevents the eggs from sticking to the pan). Once they begin to soften, add two or three eggs and scramble. Top with salt and pepper and enjoy.

On-the-Go Hardboiled Egg Plate – Hardboiled eggs make the perfect breakfast when you are in a rush. You can hardboil a carton of eggs and grab them from the refrigerator when you know your mornings are busy. For a breakfast that keeps you full, also pack some cut-up apple slices, nuts, and low-fat cheese to accompany your egg.

Egg on an English Muffin – This healthy breakfast sandwich is prepared with ingredients that you already have in your kitchen! Use a ramekin (small baking dish) to bake one egg at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. When the egg has cooled, remove it from the ramekin, and place it on a toasted whole wheat english muffin. Add a slice of low-fat cheese, some deli meat turkey, and optional green onions and/or a tomato.

egg sandwich

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