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Elimination Anticipation

We here at The OrganWise Guys Inc. find no shame in talking about the all-important body process of elimination. For those of you whohave met Peri Stolic (the large intestine), you know this is her noble occupation and favorite topic of conversation. So, let’s just get right to it, today I am going to talk about poop. Let’s be honest, once you’re a mom, all vanity goes out the window (well for me it has). In my few short years of being a mom I have found that any topic of conversation you have with other mommies is fair game. 


Basically, we had some challenges getting our toddler to go ‘number two’ on the potty. From what I hear, this is definitely not an uncommon occurrence. Ultimately, she was afraid and thought holding it in was a better idea than going on the potty. And, that is exactly what she did … hold it in. For days and days sometimes! After several days of no activity in that department, my husband and I would become concerned and sit with a reluctant and resistant little girl for lengthy amounts of time trying to convince her that it was okay, and in fact, a good idea if she went.

It was during these nightly sessions that I realized what an opportune time this would be to teach her about The OrganWise Guys, Peri Stolic in particular. I pulled out the Fiber Fandango DVD, steamed up some broccoli, and we had a little heart to heart about fiber. I wasn’t sure how much of it all she would grasp, but I must say I was pretty impressed once we were done chatting. She understood that eating fruits and vegetables would help her keep it moving! She started coming to me asking for specific fruits and veggies and saying they would help her go potty. I was such a proud mommy!

So, between making the potty more of a non-issue, incorporating more fiber-rich foods into her diet, and with the help of a little “poopy prize” basket, we were able to have success in the elimination department!

What are your potty training tips? Any unique reward systems work for you?
By Maria White

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