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Empowered to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

January is winding down and likely the rush to the gym and quest to be more physically active has slowed down. Don’t fall into that trap! There are so many fun exercise trends these days, from yoga and Pilates to zumba, spinning, and boot camp, there is something for everyone. The key is making exercise and nutrition a priority by finding what works best for you and what will realistically fit with your lifestyle. To help you continue with your resolution (or hit reset if you’ve waned), here is some insight from expert personal trainer, Phil Biggs, owner of Body By U Fit, located in Houston, Texas. He discusses the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle for both you AND your children.

Phil Biggs in action at Body By U Fit

Phil Biggs in action at Body By U Fit

OWG: How do you help your clients incorporate and maintain a fitness regiment in their busy daily routine?

Phil: Most importantly, I encourage and foster the will to want to change.  Secondly, I set reasonable goals for each client based on what they’re trying to achieve with their fitness routine. Whether they are trying to develop endurance or lose weight, setting short- and long-term goals can increase motivation and commitment to exercise.  Finally, I hold them 100% ACCOUNTABLE.

OWG: You work primarily with adults, but what is your philosophy for ensuring that children are able to make healthy decisions from a young age?

Phil: I believe that healthy choices start at home. Sixty percent of my female clients are parents and their biggest concern is cooking separate meals: A healthy meal for them and the usually unhealthy meals for their children. I am always shocked by the fact that they are ready to make the healthy lifestyle change for themselves but then willing to leave their children behind. My reply to those mothers is simple: It is your responsibility to create healthy choices for everyone in your household. Yes, they might fight you in the beginning but later they will develop those healthy habits as well.

OWG: What is your best advice for someone who may be struggling to start moving and/or reluctant to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle?

Phil: Conventional wisdom says that you can’t motivate someone else. Maybe you can’t. However, I can inspire them with good examples, give them the information needed to solve problems, or support him/her when the going gets tough. Like the proverbial light bulb, a person is not going to change her/his behavior unless, and until, she/he wants to change it, and is ready and willing to do what has to be done. The desire and readiness have to come from inside. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle is something that most people will actually find pleasant and rewarding, once they give it a chance to grow on them.

Visit Phil’s site if you’re interested in learning more about him and his training facility and tell us what types of things do you do for physical activity?

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