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Enjoy Your Food of the Month

Hey team,

In case you don’t know, the Foods of the Month are healthy foods you should make sure to pay extra-special attention to each month. This month, low-fat dairy is one of the Foods of the Month. I know what you’re thinking: “I need to have more low-fat dairy in my diet, but how?” Well, I’m here to help! Start out with some delicious low-fat vanilla yogurt in the morning. Add in some blueberries for some extra tasty flavor! During lunch, be sure to choose low-fat milk or low-fat chocolate milk to wash down your veggies (you did get some calcium-rich veggies, right?!). For dinner, ask your parents for a whole-grain grilled cheese, using low-fat cheddar of course. I recommend dipping the grilled cheese in some tomato soup. It’s delicious! Be on the lookout for other ways you can include low-fat dairy into your diet! Make sure to download your coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!


Talk to you later,


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