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Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

Well hey there!

Since Sir Rebrum told you about all the hard work we did at the local park, I figured I’d tell you about how much fun it is to play there. A group of us went to the park after school to make sure it still looked good, and to our surprise, it looked even better. Why? It was because all of our friends were there playing on the recently cleaned jungle gym! They were hanging from the monkey bars, sliding down the slide, and some were even pretending to be knights in a castle! We immediately joined in of course. We got a big game of freeze tag started, and later even played some hide and go seek. It was a fantastic feeling to know that I was part of the reason my friends were all having such fun! Seeing everyone laughing and playing was well worth all the hard work we put in to cleaning up the park! I’m sure we’ll be back there again this weekend and I can’t wait! Don’t forget to get my activity sheet and coloring sheet!OWG_Blog_Art_1-26-12

Keep Livin’ OrganWise,
Luigi Liver

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