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Even a Brain Forgets

Hello hello!

After a long weekend full of healthy eating, exercise, and hanging out with the family, you can sometimes forget what you need for school on Monday—even if you are a brain! That’s what happened to me today. You see, we were all supposed to bring in tiny pumpkins that we could paint in art class, but I forgot! I couldn’t believe it. I am normally so good at remembering things. The good thing about being a brain is that I can think quickly on my feet when I need to, and I did just that! You know what looks a lot like a tiny pumpkin when you paint it? An apple. So I painted the apple I had brought for lunch, and when placed with the rest of the class’ painted pumpkins, it blended in quite nicely. (Don’t worry; I bought another apple to eat at lunch!) I clearly needed the brain food so I wouldn’t forget anything else that day!OWG_Blog_Art_10-22-12

Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

PS – Don’t forget mycoloring sheet!

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