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Everybody Makes Mistakes

Hi-ya kids,

So this weekend, we kind of messed up. You see, we are still taking care of the good old vegetable garden and this weekend, it was our turn to water it. We love watering the garden. It involves our favorite thing too; water. Except, we sort of forgot. We didn’t mean to, we just got so caught up playing with everyone at the pool on Saturday, and then yesterday we had a picnic with our family and then spent the rest of the day hanging out at the park. Honestly, we just didn’t think about it. Until today that is. Peri called to see if we watered the garden because she went up there and said some of our vegetables didn’t look too good. That’s when we remembered. She said she watered everything, so it was fine, but we still felt terribly! We were really hard on ourselves about it, as we all work so hard to keep up the garden, and then we completely ignored it. We went over to see Peri to apologize and to thank her for watering the fruits and veggies. She could tell we were really upset. Do you know what she said? She said, “Guys, don’t look so down! We all make mistakes! The good news is nothing bad happened, so just make sure you don’t forget the next time.” Then she invited us in to enjoy some fresh-squeezed lemonade. Man, did that make us feel better. Peri was right; we all mess up sometimes. The important thing is to apologize and learn from it. You can bet we learned from it! Now we keep a calendar on our fridge of when it is our day to tend to the garden. Lesson learned.OWG_Blog_Art_6-18-12


The Kidney Brothers

PS – Don’t forget our coloring sheet today!

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