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Exploring New Ways to Exercise

Wellness Wednesday stacked exercise

OrganWise Andrew is back to share with you one of my latest finds as I have been exploring some fun ways to exercise. It can be difficult being in a new city (that’s not known for its outdoor lifestyle), to find enjoyable, recreational activities that challenge you physically. This past weekend I decided to try something different that I have never done before as some friends asked me to go indoor rock climbing. I was skeptical but decided to try it out anyway. You would never believe how challenging tRockwall Climbing Exercisehese artificial climbing walls can be! We climbed several indoor walls for a few hours and were completely worn out when we left. It was such a great feeling to diversify my active lifestyle with a fun, new challenge. You should try it for sure, I highly recommend it!


What are some of  your favorite, non-typical activities that you like to do for exercise?

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