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Fall Festivities

Wow, it’s October! According to the calendar, it is officially fall right? However, because I live in Houston, Texas, I would not necessarily realize that fall was in fact here if it were not for the calendar. It is still 90 degrees in Texas! So, pumpkins, long sleeves, and hot chocolate (gasp!) are far from my mind. Since I can’t do anything about the weather, I guess I need to just pretend that the leaves are falling outside of my house and that there is a little bit of brisk air out there! After all, fall is my favorite time of year … ESPECIALLY here in Houston because it does mean that cooler temperatures are on the horizon, and alas, all of the fall festivities are around the corner!


We have some favorite activities that we like to do this time of year and they include:
  • Football tailgating and games
  • Playing in the park (again, the weather is FINALLY nice enough to enjoy this!)
  • Participating in walks/runs for charity
  • Attending Fall Festivals at various locations
  • Visiting the local pumpkin patch (which also typically includes rides/activities for the kiddos
  • Carving our pumpkins (we typically try and carve it according to our costumes for the year)
  • Cooking the pumpkin seeds
  • Baking fall treats (we love modifying recipes to healthier versions!)
So tell us, what are your favorite fall pastimes?
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