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Fall Into Fall

Hi-ya kids!

Do you want to hear about our weekend? We hope so, because we’re going to tell you about it! We did yard work, and boy, did we have a BLAST! Yard work? How was that so fun? Because we made it fun! You see, we had to rake up the all the leaves before it rained (Water! Woo hoo!).We called Hardy and Sir Rebrum to see if they wanted to help, and thankfully they did. We spent the afternoon raking up the all the leaves in the front yard—which is a nice arm workout in case you were wondering—and got them into a big pile, ready to be bagged.So what did we do then? We jumped in the big pile! The leaves went flying everywhere! Then we raked them all back up and jumped in them again!! We must have spent three hours doing this.It was a great way to spend the day! Who would have thought that yard work would have been the favorite part of our weekend?! But if there are two things to know about us Kidney Brothers, it’s this: We love water, and we know how to have fun!OWG_Blog_Art_10-10-11

Don’t forget, we have a very special coloring sheet for you today!


The Kidney Bros.

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