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Feeding America Food Banks Teach Good Nutrition

Thanks to funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation as part of the Healthier Options for People through Extension 2 (HOPE2), 46 Feeding America food bank agencies across the United States led nutrition education programming as part of their regular activities to address food insecurity.FA-HIP-Grant---TX-Food-Bank

Kits of The OrganWise Guys of educational tools were designed specifically for this food bank project, which took place in Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Texas. Some of the tools being used include OWG dolls, the Foods of the Month Kit, the Foods of the Month Wheel, OWG Assemblies, and other curricula materials. Each food bank agency implemented the project differently, so that education activities met the individualistic needs of people they serve. Some fun and educational activities included cooking demonstrations to teach children and families about healthy cooking techniques and to promote good nutrition, and afterschool feeding programming to teach children about healthy living.

In addition to educational activities with their own agencies, some food bank agencies also are using OWG in their community afterschool programs, childcare programs, and homeless shelters. The feedback from these Feeding America partners has been very positive, and plans are being made to expand the model of education to more food bank agencies in the future.

Check out these great pictures featuring the success of this program at one Feeding America location in Texas!

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